Summary Technical Support: Why Does This Position Matter? We want to ensure customers love our Technical Support team and its services. In order to maintain the customers' expectations of our world-class communication services, the Tech Support team constantly strives to provide quality and professional support. The opportunity here is unique because Sorenson Communications uses video conferencing solutions to provide services and make a difference in the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Not only do we assist customers, we also help our Tech Support employees grow professionally with Sorenson Communications, Inc. Provide escalation support for Sorenson Communications VP Technical Support team members. Use technical and communication expertise to help Sorenson Communications users with Sorenson products. Use excellent customer service skills in resolving issues escalated from technical support engineers support. Training and Curricu lum Developers, Supervisors, Technical Support level I, II, Sr. Tech Support Engineers, Business Support, and-or Leads. Manage queue coverage schedules. Report efficiencies and other performance matrix information. Recruiting and staffing of new TSEs. Manage all facility maintenance and issues on TS facilities. Design and improve Tech Support service strategies. Motivate and review TS team members. Provide disipline to Tech Support team members. If you have a passion to fix technical issues, to meet our customer's communication needs, and to inspire our team to thrive, this position is for you! Essential Duties and Responsibilities * Manage Technical Support facility maintenance and issues * Recruit and manage Technical Support Team members * Ensure coverage of Sorenson Tech Support service queue(s) * Responsible for Tech Support queue service levels * Manages scheduling coverage for Technical Support queues * Writes procedures and policies for Technical Support * Handles escalated support calls from customers and installers. * Demonstrates expert customer service skills * Demonstrates above average written and other communications skills * Supports and trains new TS staff * Manages TS schedules and coverage for the staff * Develop new Technical Support Engineer (TSE) procedures * Develop and supervise new training for TSEs * Manages training of new TSEs on TS procedures * Develops strategy and procedures to improve TS efficiency * Manages Ticket tracking system accounts * Monitors and reports on TS queue(s) * Relays and documents configuration and troubleshooting procedures for TSEs * Manage conflict and create an environment of trust and respect. Create a positive atmosphere with peers, customers, and management. * All other duties and responsibilities necessary to ensure successful T ech Support Operations Knowledge-Skills-Abilities Required * Work with people * Possess technical understanding of network connections and devices. * Possess knowledge of computer and mobile operating systems. * Demonstrate a passion to help customers with their technical issues. * Demonstrate excellent customer service skills. * Able to communicate clearly with others through written English. * Must be able to type a minimum of 45 words per minutes. * Able to complete work assignments independently or with minimal supervision and guidance. * Able to receive constructive feedback. * Have a positive attitude with customers. * Be able to adapt in a fast paced working environment. * Have strong customer service background and be willing to keep up-to-date on current technology. Experience-Education-Certifications * College degree preferred or equi valent experience. * Demonstrates excellence in supervisory and communications techniques. * Minimum of 5 Years technical support experience. * Experience managing projects. * Shows leadership qualities. * Minimum of 2 years' experience as lead, supervisor, or manager.