KANE SCHOOL DISTRICT Speech Language Technician in KANAB, Utah

Kane School District is seeking a Speech Language Technician (SLT) to assist students with disabilities who receive speech language services with their program implementation. Position starts in 2018-19 school year. Full time with benefits. Salary based on District pay schedule. Offering possible relocation bonus. The speech-language technician shall: 1. Represent himself or herself as a SLT working under the supervision of a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). 2. Assist with speech, language, and hearing screenings, without interpretation. 3. Assist with informal documentation (i.e., logs) as directed by the SLP. 4. Follow documented treatment plans or protocols developed by the supervising SLP. 5. Document student performance and report to the supervising SLP. 6. Assist the SLP while the SLP performs assessments-evaluations on students. 7. Assist with clerical duties and departmental operations (scheduling, record keeping, materials preparation, safety and maintenance of supplies and equipment). 8. Support the supervising SLP in school based projects, in-service training, and public relations programs. 9. Collect data for student progress monitoring and program quality improvement. Minimum requirement and competencies include the following: I. Support instructional and therapeutic opportunities. A. Have knowledge and proficiency in: 1. Basic phonological awareness and development remediation. 2. Basic articulation remediation. 3. Basic receptive and expressive language remediation. B. Have knowledge of strategies, techniques, and delivery methods of instruction. C. Deliver therapy according to the SLP's session plan. D. Record data about the student. E. Organize material and support learning during the instructional process. II. Demonstrate professional and ethical practices. A. Have knowledge and adhere to the distinctions in the roles and responsibilities of the student's education team. B. Adhere to all pertinent laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. III. Support a positive learning environment. A. Use proactive management strategies to engage students. B. Support the student's behavior management plan. IV. Communicate effectively and participate in the team process. A. Serve as a member of an instruction team. B. Use effective communication skills (written, verbal, and nonverbal). The candidate must have a Bachelors Degree in Communications Disorders and must have attended the Utah Speech Language Technician Institute. The candidate must have a valid Utah Drivers License and employer conducts a background check.