NJ Employer Software Engineering Manager, Transfer Pricing in Hoboken, New Jersey

Job DescriptionDescriptionDid you know that more global trade occurs within corporations than between them? ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing ("OOXP") enables its customers actively to manage their tax liability as inventories move through the global supply chain. Using sophisticated and state-of-the art technologies, OOXP can use almost any client-defined data sources and data definitions to calculate these highly complex positions. On the strength of large scale distributed platforms, we execute these calculations in a fraction of the time that our leading competitors require. We seek to extend this market leadership by exploiting the nearly limitless capacity and global footprint of the public cloud. If you are a talented, results oriented and innovative software engineering manager, this might be the career opportunity you've been seeking.As part of the product engineering team, you will utilize your talents and expertise to lead development of a sophisticated distributed tax calculation engine using a platform that is cloud-native, highly scalable and performant.You'll have a key role organizing and directing the work of the team, while ensuring alignment with a variety of other disciplines, including TechOps/DevOps, quality assurance, and product management. You have top-notch communication and interpersonal skills. You've mastered the art of nurturing high performance teams, but you can jump in and write code as necessary, too.Key ExpectationsMakes Others Better. We are looking for a "coach" who will identify, train, and develop our next generation of software engineers. You will have a vested interest in their professional development and will ensure their successful integration into our project teams. With your extensive interpersonal skills, you'll engage and energize teams to achieve aggressive goals. You're a natural leader, who inspires trust and respect across a variety of disciplines.Manages Ambiguity. Because you're committed to inventing the future, you understand that there isn't a playbook to execute. You're comfortable operating and leading in settings where you have to plot a solution path that needs to be continually re-evaluated and re-calibrated.Thinks in terms of computing at scale. Liberated from the traditional constraints of legacy data centers and monolithic architectures, you design and construct elastic, fault-tolerant, high-performance, scalable systems, that are cloud native. Legacy systems are to be maintained with traditional High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies.Agile, collaborative and flexible. We are organized around self-directed, largely autonomous Scrum teams. You work well with others, enjoy opportunities to collaborate and readily adapt as strategies evolve and priorities change.Here are the kinds of skills we are looking for:Engineering Excellence. You have at least five years of experience in a variety of contexts during which you've contributed to the construction of scalable, extensible software solutions and systems. You understand technology and possess a passion for excellence. You instinctively partner with the Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance team members, responding immediately to failing test cases and ensuring that quality is engineered from the Inside Out.Bias towards action. You believe that speed and quality aren't mutually exclusive. You've shown good judgment about shipping as fast as possible while still making sure that products are built in a sustainable, responsible way - and you're comfortable making mistakes, failing quickly and safely, learning a lot along the way.Passion and energy. Because you love what you do, you bring infectious enthusiasm to all your endeavors. You always perform at your absolute best and see new challenges as an opportunity to contribute, make an impact, and grow.Superior teaching skills. You know that the most important part of your job is setting the team up for success.