State of Maine, Bureau of Human Resources Forest Ranger II - Agency Transfers Only in East Millinocket, Maine

Forest Ranger II - Agency Transfers Only

East Millinocket, Maine, United States


FOREST RANGER II - Current FRII's Only may apply

Opening Date:

September 11, 2018

Closing Date:

September 24, 2018


East Millinocket /Chesuncook, Farmington, Hancock

Position Type:

Full Time

Class Code:



19 $19.96 - $26.30* (*includes .85 salary adjustment)


The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Maine Forest Service, has three (3) Forest Ranger II vacancies headquartered at East Millinocket/Chesuncook, Farmington and Hancock, Maine that are open for Transfer Only. These are full-time 52 week positions.

BRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION: This is investigative and protective services work in the detection, prevention, pre-suppression, and suppression of forest fires and the enforcement of forestry, environmental and conservation laws.

Typical duties:

  • Patrols and inspects assigned areas observing activities, checking recreational areas, and wood operations; noting road conditions; posting signs; conducting fire investigations; and issuing fire permits.

  • Contacts and advises town fire wardens, landowners, mill owners, social organizations, industry, government groups, and others.

  • Trains firefighting personnel, attends firefighting training, and repairs/checks firefighting equipment.

  • Fights fires and supervises firefighting crews.

  • Schedules and instructs fire departments, hotshots, schools industry, and other groups.

  • Inspects logging operations for compliance with the state’s fire, environmental, and conservation laws.

  • Enforces statutes, prosecutes violators, writes case reports, and testifies in court.

Please make sure you fill out the attached form to let us know to which position you are interested in transferring to.

Direct Hire Career Opportunity Bulletin


28 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333

*Offices Located at Harlow, Williams Pavilion and Deering Buildings - AMHI Complex, Augusta

FOREST RANGER II –Transfer Request Form

This form must be received by 5 PM on September 24, 2018

To: Noreen Hart, HR Generalist

NRSC, SHS #155, Augusta, ME 04333 Fax 287-2216 or email:

Re: Request for Forest Ranger II – Internal Transfer

I am interested in transferring to the selected vacancy areas listed below:

Forest Ranger II ---- Area: East Millinocket /Chesuncook____Position# 17143181

Forest Ranger II ---- Area: Farmington_________Position# 17143534

Forest Ranger II ---- Area: Hancock__________Position# 17143539

Residency requirements must be consistent with the contract and division policy.

Please check each area you are interested in. If more than one (1) area is checked, please prioritize on the lines above.

Transfers awarded based on seniority.

Please Print Name

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