McGrath-Colosimo, Ltd dba McGrath Lexus Maintenance Technician in Chicago, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Maintenance Technician: Perform work to keep the structure of the facility in repair including: carpentry; repairing electrical or mechanical equipment; repairing buildings, floors, stairs. Conducting regular inspections of areas of the building to determine where repairs or attention is needed. Responding to employees who report problems with equipment or facilities. Performing repairs on equipment or appliances. Attending to the routine maintenance of office electrical, heating and air conditioning systems. Assembling furniture or equipment. Maintaining an inventory of frequently used parts and equipment. 2 years experience. Res: attn. Michael J McGrath; McGrath-Colosimo, Ltd dba McGrath Lexus, 1250 W Division St, Chicago IL 60642.