Lowe's Operations Coach CDT in Charlotte, North Carolina

Job Description:

The primary function of the Operations Coach is to supervise a high performing team responsible for handling product safely, efficiently and effectively as it moves through the facility. The Operations Coach monitors production volume, then assigns or reassigns service associates to complete tasks involving receiving, picking, pulling or performing other operational tasks. The Operations Coach must respond quickly to changing workflow conditions and contribute positively to the facility’s key performance indicators. The Operations Coach is accountable for mentoring service associates and building a culture of safety. The Operations Coach is also responsible for training and reviewing timesheets of service associates and overseeing admin support service functions. The Operations Coach is accountable for the damage, recycling management, and assembly programs, as well as inventory management (e.g., daily cycle counts, discrepancies) and operational expenses.

As the Manager On Duty (MOD), this position is accountable for ensuring excellent customer service by overseeing the service desk (e.g., by responding to escalated customer phone calls); resolving exceptions, including operational, scheduling, repair, and delivery issues; ensuring building safety and security; and providing coaching and feedback to service associates and delivery teams. The MOD is expected to promote a safety culture among all CDT employees by continuously monitoring work to ensure all employees understand and implement safety policies and practices; conducting regular safety reviews; quickly and appropriately responding to incidents or injuries; investigating safety accidents, injuries, and product incidents; performing daily business closeout duties (e.g., reporting, locking building).

Work Schedule

Requires morning, afternoon and evening availability any day of the week. Required to work a fixed schedule but may be changed by the Market Delivery Center Manager based on the needs of the CDT. Requests to be scheduled off for a specific day require advanced notification and approval by the Market Delivery Center Manager. Salaried positions are generally scheduled for 40 hours; more hours may be required based on the needs of the CDT.


This position reports to the Market Delivery Center Manager and leads hourly associates.

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Acting with Honor and Character: Integrity and Ethics, Maintaining Confidentiality, Trustworthiness

Administrative Ability: Administrative Ability, Computer Use, Coordination Activities, Employee Scheduling, Files and Records Management, Form, Report, and Log Completion, Scheduling

Arithmetic Computation: Arithmetic Computation

Basic Equipment Use/Assembly: Handheld Devices, Office Equipment Set Up

Being Organizational Savvy: Cross-Department Coordination, Organizational Knowledge, Organizational Knowledge

Networking, Sociability

Repair: Troubleshooting

Safety Orientation: Emergency Procedures, Equipment and Tool Safety, Fire Safety, OSHA, Personal Protective Equipment, Safety and Facility Inspections, Safety Orientation, Safety Regulations

Sales/Selling Orientation: Assertiveness, Parts Warranty, Protection Plans, and Out for Repair, Sales Trends

Strategic Thinking: Strategic Thinking

Teambuilding: Teamwork

Technical: Investigations

Training: Training

Vehicle Operation: Map Reading, Truck Operation

Vendors: Vendors

Physical Requirements

Agility: The ability to bend, stretch, twist, or reach out with the body, arms, or legs to perform job tasks. This includes the ability to move throughout all areas of the store (e.g., sales floor, receiving, register areas, lawn and garden), outside the perimeter of the store, or additional work areas.

Physical Strength: The ability to lift, push, pull, or carry objects using hands, arms, back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, legs, or a combination of these muscle groups.

Protective Equipment: The ability to wear all necessary personal protective equipment to perform job functions.

Physical Requirements (continued)

Stamina: The ability to exert oneself physically over long periods of time. This may include performing repetitive or strenuous tasks such as data entry or coding as well as standing and sitting for long periods.

Lifting 41 - 50 lbs +: Moves, lifts, carries, and places merchandise and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance.

Visual Acuity: The ability to see details (e.g., letters, numbers, codes, color, symbols, marks, labels, signs, video displays including iPads) clearly to accomplish work tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

Proper Lifting Techniques: The ability to properly lift heavy objects or equipment. This includes the knowledge of correct bending and lifting techniques as needed to properly position and use one's hands, feet, legs, arms, and back to lift objects or equipment, and to push, pull, and carry heavy objects.

Hand-Eye Coordination: The ability to coordinate one's eyes with one's fingers, wrists, or arms to move, carry, or manipulate objects or to perform other job-related tasks.

Work Conditions: The ability to perform job activities under difficult work conditions such as in extreme cold, heat, or inclement weather, with appropriate intermittent relief where applicable, at heights, while exposed to constant/intermittent sounds.

Manual Dexterity: The ability to make quick, accurate, skillful, coordinated movements of one hand, one hand in coordination with its arm, or two hands to grasp, place, move, or assemble objects.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent.

1 year of supervisory experience with direct report responsibilities.

2 years of experience working in distribution center operations or previous warehouse or store back end experience.

Preferred Qualifications

2+ years of customer service experience.

2+ years of supervisory experience with direct report responsibilities.

Prior Lowe's experience.

2+ years of customer service experience.

2+ years of experience working in distribution center operations or previous warehouse or store back end experience.

Previous power equipment experience (e.g., forklift, reach truck, yard truck).

Experience with software applications such as Excel, Access or DMS, Sterling, Genesis.

Job ID: 1218659BR

Line of Business: Distribution

Job Category: Distribution

Department: 0302 - DC Supervisors

Employment Type I: Regular

Employment Type II: Full-Time

Location #: 3302

Location Name: Lowe's Central Delivery Term

City: Charlotte

State: NC

EEO Statement:

Lowe’s is an equal opportunity employer and administers all personnel practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, genetics or any other category protected under applicable law.